Hey there.

So in unrealscript I've set up a means for the playercamera to switch to a postprocess chain from regular postprocess settings. Code: It makes the switch just fine... but I run into a problem.

function Dizziness()
        // Stuff.
        // LP is defined somewhere else in code, but for brevity
        //    have locally defined it here.
        LP = LocalPlayer(Controller.Player);
	bDizzyState = LP.InsertPostProcessingChain(PostProcessChain'ExamplePostProcess',0,true);
	// ...
But the thing is, the material change from postprocesschain to regular world settings is abrupt. What I need is for this transition to material effect to be smooth and gradual -- both when the switch is made to the chain and when it is removed. Like you would expect from scene_interpolationduration in a postprocess volume.

I only use the chain for the material effect... but when the chain is active, it really flattens and posterizes the lighting and color, and tends to alias the entire scene. Thankfully the material effect will be so distorted that noone will notice. But people will definitely notice an abrupt transition from regular world settings to chain material effect and back again. And so I need a way for Scene_InterpolationDuration to be kept consistent with these changes the whole time.

Has anyone had any success with doing something like this? And if so, how would you create something like that?