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Thread: UnrealScript for UDK integration

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    UnrealScript for UDK integration


    I created a custom volume. How do I add properties that will be visible in the list of properties of the volume when I create it in UDK? Also, if I want to create an event for that volume in Kismet, how do I do it? How will the volume be referenced? And then again, that event, how will I add properties visible in the list of properties in Kismet? Any good reference/tutorial on this topic?


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    Chapter 7 of my book covers working with Kismet, but quick answers:

    1) Add parentheses after the variable declaration:
    var() int EditableInt;
    This applies to Kismet classes as well. You can add an optional name inside the parentheses for the category it will appear under in the properties:

    var(SomeCategory) int EditableInt;
    2) Search the code for "TriggerEventClass" to see examples of how to trigger Kismet events from classes. TriggerEventClass specifically uses the GeneratedEvents list (where the event is specifically linked to an object in the editor).

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    Thanks! If I have other questions i'll buy your book

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