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Thread: Unknown error. "Geoms"

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    Unknown error. "Geoms"

    [0164.71] Log: FKAggregateGeom::InstanceNovodexGeom: (Actor: MechArena.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.StaticMeshActor_460 Component: StaticMeshComponent_22 StaticMesh: ArenaParts.Lamp) No geometries in FKAggregateGeom.
    [0164.72] Log: URB_BodyInstance::InitBody : Could not create new Shape: Actor: MechArena.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.StaticMeshActor_460 Component: StaticMeshComponent_22 StaticMesh: ArenaParts.Lamp
    One of my objects, which I am using a lot is giving me this error for each instance.

    What is it, and how do I fix it?

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    Any suggestions what this error is?

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    You've got a static mesh (ArenaParts.Lamp) without any collision, and it's trying to instance it as a rigid body.

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    I truly have no idea why it's trying to instance it as a rigidbody, none of my instances of that mesh ever recieves physRigidBody.

    I noticed however that the mesh refuses to generate a collision mesh, it only needs a box, but no matter what settings I choose, nothing appears. Considering it's the same mesh that's the only one I'm having problems with, I believe the issue is related.

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