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Thread: Matinee Overlay Camera Animations

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    Matinee Overlay Camera Animations

    Hello !

    I have a question regarding camera movement in matinee. I have a camera set up wich follows its path through a cinematic. Now I would like to add camera shakes to some specific parts of that.
    My Problem now is that implementing them in the main sequence would be a ***** to work with. I would like to have them in a different sequence or be able to trigger a camera animation on top of the already defined path (its defined in world space).

    Is there some way to do that ? I tried just adding another matinee with "relative to inititial" or a camera animation (or the camera shake kismet node) but it seems that there can only be one matinee that has influence over the camera at any moment.

    Help would be much appreciated !


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    I think there's a camera shake Kismet node--I haven't looked into it but perhaps you could put an event trigger in your matinee node that would trigger the camera shake node outside of the matinee node.

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    Already tried that...unfortunatly it doesn´t work. It seems that the camera can only get data from one node at a time.

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