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Thread: Help with UDK ArchViz

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    Jacky, I did what you said and exported from 3ds max as FBX. IT WORKED! Thank you. I'm still going to upload a video of my progress step by step because i still have a long way to go. My next challenge will be exporting my building piece by piece separately (Each individual wall, Each window, each door, the ceiling, furniture, etc.)

    My final goal is to create an enviornment in udk similar to the one I created in Lumion here . I'm still happily accepting advice and my next video will be uploaded soon. Thanks!

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    @ JParkerRendering
    I used to work in the archviz and design visualization fields doing photo-realistic animations and renders for commercials, products, the military, etc. I'm working in the AAA games industry now, but if you're still interested in finding someone with the knowledge and experience you're looking for, let me know through a PM.
    Would be more than happy to touch base with you.

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    Thanks, PM sent.

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    Yeah, a few people have mention this but i think that it is easier if you learn to do it yourself, because otherwise, when you come to do somthing in UDK, and you have got someone else to do it, then you are not really going to know what you have to do, which is why it is much easier to just learn yourself, by watching tutorials, and making your own levels in UDK, and then you cant go wrong!, i have a few tutorials, but they dont really cover the basics of UDK, there mostly just me building stuff in UDK, that you can follow along with, but i dotn think that any of my videos suit your needs at the moment, but i will be glad to help you if you do need some help anytime, if you want to contact me then please email me at: and i can help you out with whatever you need, UDK wise, i hope that this helps!

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    You can catch me on skype if you'd like to chat real time about using udk.

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