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Thread: Question about the commercial rights of the code.

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    Question about the commercial rights of the code.

    Hi everybody!
    Well, i just started to learn unrealscript, also i read the developmentkitfaq.
    It says, for example:

    "Q: Can we create a game extending from UTGAME code and sell it for commercial purposes or is this considered part of the "assets" of the UDK that they do not want us to use?
    A: UTGame script code is not considered part of the restricted asset set. You may freely use it in your UDK application as you see fit."


    "Q: Can I release a commercial game that uses the “Unreal Tournament 3” assets included with UDK?
    A: Yes, with one exception. You may not release anything marked as a SkeletalMesh in the Content Browser in a commercial UDK application"

    Nice, i can use part of the code, like camera angles, client configurations, weapons configurations, etc.
    All that i must do is to create my own modeling and animations, textures, sounds, well, everything that is VISUAL. (even that a sound is not).

    But, wait a second...
    What about light? And the light configurations? What about lightmass? Cameras and post-processing effects? (and configurations). And a whole bunch of options that i MUST use, but it's not visual? Is that restricted assets?
    More: What about those tiny "pixel symbols" that are used to mark the placement of these on my work? Like the bulb in the case of the light, or that old-school joystick in the case of the PlayerStart?

    My focus is to create a commercial game, so this is my question.
    Thank you.

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    Solid Snake
    Only thing that you can't use is the Skeletal Meshes that are used in UT3. Everything else is fine.

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    Well, thank you

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