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Thread: Sm Actors 'flashing'

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    Sm Actors 'flashing'

    I load up UDK and all of the Static Mesh actors flash almost like I'm rapidly pressing the W key to show/hide SM's. I installed UDK last night on a new computer, not sure if I missed some redistribute or if I need to re-install UDK to fix some kind of error. I'm on the May 2012 version. this problem seems to happen across all maps I load. It does stop when I press the W key or turn off Real-time view.

    EDIT: I ran the UE3 redist install and the problem persists.

    My Video card is the only non standard component in this computer. Radon HD 3400, the computer itself is a Dell Optiplex 760 running the latest version of XP with all updates installed. I have more than emough RAM to Run UDK (4GB) and a nearly empty HDD.

    This issue makes the Editor all but unusable.

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    I uninstalled the May beta and reverted to the March beta, the flashing problem is gone, does seem to run a little slowly than I'm used to.

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    Had the same problem with ATI radeon HD 3870 X2, May was broken, Feb version worked fine.

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