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Thread: Thoughts on a first attempt at animation and rigging.

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    Thoughts on a first attempt at animation and rigging.

    Hello everyone.

    I've posted up a video on youtube of my new character and I'd like some comments/advice on how it is so far.

    As the title says, this was my first attempt at rigging to a skeleton and also my first attempt at doing these sort of animations, so don't expect high quality :O
    Hopefully once I have all of the necessary animations done, it should look alright. I will be scrapping it later on and re-doing it though!

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    Rough as, but what you'd expect starting out. Mine are similarly poor
    For a better walk cycle, look for some of the references from The Animator's Survival Kit.

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    Thanks for your honesty haha I would say I fluked the whole skinning section, changed the colours around till it all moved alright.. And as of now, I'm only using my own assets which was the main reason behind me doing this.
    Also thanks for the link, I'll have a look later

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