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Thread: [Video] Coma: a mind adventure, new First Person Puzzler indie game

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    [Video] Coma: a mind adventure, new First Person Puzzler indie game

    We are Carlos Coronado and Dani Navarro, and we present you here our game done with UDK! The game is a first person puzzler, and it will be released for PC (and Mac) through Steam. The player will have to manipulate the weather to solve the puzzles, which are the landscapes themselves. There are areas sensitive to the player and to certain objects (which you can interact with), which will activate atmospheric and climatic events. They will dramatically affect the look of the scenario, as well as the gameplay intertwined with it. For example, night activates portals and dynamic objects only found when it’s dark, rain makes certain landscape elements to grow and floods some areas as well (vital to get to higher areas unreachable before), and fog is very useful to hide from enemies. These are only some of many other properties and events!

    It will be a game with a beutiful style that will dig deep into the human mind, unlike anything released nowadays. A First Person Puzzler (FPP).

    In Coma we will venture inside the mind of a man deeply in coma. He did something horrible in the past, something he can’t forgive himself for. He will have to overcome his remorse in order to rise back to consciousness and back to life.

    If someone is interested in contributing to this project, we are located at

    You can read more info in the indiegogo page and watch a gameplay and tutorial video in our youtube channel

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    Wow the scenery looks impressive and the topic is interesting. However there allready is a game called Coma so wouldn't that be a problem?

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    Private Tux
    So magnifique and some very good environments in all creativity. Keep up the good work guys.

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    Yeah, that thing looks really amazing. Hope guys you'll succeed in it.

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    I have to say, this looks stunning, great job guys!

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    The artwork is superb, the gameplay sound very interesting & the music is really great

    Wishes lot of sells guy's

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    so phantasmagoric! so great!

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    this looks amazing cant wait till it comes out

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