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Thread: Scrolling List Scale Issue

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    Scrolling List Scale Issue

    So after trying to modify an List Item Renderer to get a custom look it works perfect except for this

    as you can see both the text and UILoader(not visible) gets cut out of the list

    at the moment im struggling to get the scrolling list to show 18 lines so i used a row height of 24

    so yeah pretty much anything that was supposed to show in the line gets cut out badly

    here is how i set it up in flash(using custom list renderer)

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    I kind of have a temporary solution in short i made an custom class of the button widget and added a few functions to set an uiloader in the widget source so it kinda works like a list

    so obviously i had to place them one by one so it completly fills the inventory and as last add a event listener for every "Slot" trough UC the thing is that since this is obviously not the best solution i would like to know if there is an way to fix the autoSize/Scaling issue with the scrolling list becouse with my current setting not using an scrolling list i would need to add an event listener for Every Inventory Slot(21 at the moment).....


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    [nevermind siwtched to another class and it worked]

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