I have a few custom skins I've been working on for the new MOBA SMITE, all the skins are saved as cooked .upks, but i'm still able to open in the content browser of UDK. I've reworked some textures and have some pretty nice custom skins in progress, but I can't get the skins back in game. It's lets me the save the .upks fine but they wont show up in game. I suspect I need to recook the .upks and make them seekfree , or texture streaming. Either way, I have no idea how to cook single .upks . I've used frontend a little bit with no luck, I just don't know what i'm doing, i've watched and read tutorials but just can't find anything on this specific problem. Any help would be greatly apprreciated. Thanks in advance guys!

I can upload the .upks if you need me to.