I'm currently working on some moded custom skins for a game i'm playing. I'm able to open the .upks with udk in the content browser. I can use the animations, skeletal meshes , textures and everything in UDK, I can even put them in the viewport in maps, animate them and everything, even though they are cooked packages. EVerything works perfectly in UDK, it even lets me save the .upks without any errors, but when I try to load the skin in game, the game either crashes (when I save the main skin model upk) or just shows me an untextured model (when I save just the texture .upk) I can upload the .upks if you need me to, I know you aren't suppose to be able to edit cooked packages, but it seems i'm able to access all the files in the packages and successfully use them in udk. So I think it's something as simple as just learning how to recook them or something. But i have read a few tutorials and used frontend to try and recook them but I'm just not experienced enough. IF anyone could shine some light on this topic I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much everyone

P.S I managed to cooked the files into a .u file? but it put both my .upks into one .u file and it's very small in filesize. I don't think this is right :S lol.