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Thread: Skeletal mesh crash that did not crash before.

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    Skeletal mesh crash that did not crash before.

    Hi Guys, In the May 2012 build of udk, I have a bunch of skeletal meshes that I've imported on a dayly basis,
    they all loaded perfectly, even re-imported some of them multiple times threw-out,
    than today i cant import any of my skeletal meshes at all, even the ones that worked before.

    I sent them to a friend of mine and he can import them perfectly, than later on he could not.
    I even did a fresh install of udk, and that did not fix anything,
    I'm wondering are there any files stored on the system that I may need to manually delete or something?
    I'm guessing something got corrupted somewhere.

    P.S. i can still import them into older builds of UDK for some reason.

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    What format are the skeletal meshes in?

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    FBX format

    I can PM you a model if you like.

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    That would be really helpful. Please do.

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