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Thread: Can anyone help me? :D

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    Can anyone help me? :D

    I made a terrain map and now i want to put models from 3ds max, but when i import model from 3ds max everything is normal.. but when i want to put matterials i only can put one matterial on hole building, how to put more matterials, do i need to split model on more parts or what?? please help me i'm new in UDK, and sorry for bad english i hope you can understand what i saying.

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    All you need to do is apply a Multi/Sub-object material to your mesh in Max. This will allow you to use multiple materials on a single mesh, once it is applied under polygon properties you can set the material ID.

    For example if you have a brick and window material you'd setup the brick material as material 1 and the window as material 2.
    Now grab all the window faces and set it's material ID to 2.
    When you import into UDK it will have multiple inputs under the static meshs' LOD settings.

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