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Thread: UT2004 Anthro Art

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    Cool UT2004 Anthro Art

    Render of an anthro chick posing with the shockrifle.

    DAZ Render (8).jpg

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    This should be in the UT Art thread, no?

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    Woo! Is that a model for UT2004? O_o If not, is it going to be one?

    But if it is just 3D art, then I suppose you post it into my UT Art thread, which already got approved by Flak!

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    Private Tux
    That's not an 3D art (or maybe), it is the new custom model came from his PC he'd working on, unlike the UT2004 fan arts/game screenies from the Fansite Kit. Anyway, nice posing with it.

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