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Thread: How to change Xbox 360 controller sensitivity

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    How to change Xbox 360 controller sensitivity

    Hi all,

    I know that I can change the MouseSensitivity through the SetSensitivity(float f) function in PlayerInput, but it doesn't have any effect on the Xbox 360 pad.

    So, do you know how can I change the sensitivity of this controller? Any idea is really welcome!

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    Sensitivity is just variable, which scales aTurn and aLookUp. So, you need to change your input so it will change this values (and aStrafe/aForward, if needed).

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    Milky Pirate
    Don't make it too sensitive. I did that too mine and now its always watching romantic comedies and listening to coldplay whenever I turn my back.

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    Thanks @lentinant, I have overriden Playerinput in my custom PlayerInput class and that works:

    event PlayerInput(float DeltaTime )
    	// Mouse sensitivity doesn't have any effect on Xbox 360 controller, so we have to hack it =)
    	if(bUsingGamePad && PSCamera(PlayerCamera).IsAimEnabled())   aTurn *= 0.25;

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