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Thread: Texture on mesh becomes black on close-up

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    I know it's large, but it's used by many meshes (parts only used on a specific mesh) - might be reason? And yes, tried making material as well. What do you mean, what kind of file is it.. ? How do I check that ?

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    You imported the texture right? What format was it before you brought it into UDK.

    UDK supports up to 2048x2048 so the size shouldn't be a problem, although it's very large. If it's just brick then I wouldn't keep it at that size. I'd crop it smaller.

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    This could be an LoD/MipMap issue. The same happens if you change the LODGroup of some UT3 stock textures from cooked packages.
    You are always talking about the whole package so I guess you don't have just the texture file on its own on your HD? Export the files separately from the UT2k4 package and then reimport them to UDK.

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