Hi everyone,

Before all thanks to this forum where I can find many informations about UDK !
I've created a menu where my buttons are selectable with my cursor and when I click on it it launches the game. I'm looking for doing the same thing with a xbox 360 controller
I was getting started with this code (which is using a keyboard, but that was for starting) from Matt.

_global.gfxExtensions = true;

var keyboardInput:Object = new Object(); // creates a new object to hold keyboard input.
Key.addListener(keyboardInput); // uses the object to listen for keyboard input.

/* when a key is pressed, execute this function. */
keyboardInput.onKeyDown = function() 
    /* store the keyboard input ASCII code inside 'keyPressed'. */
    var keyPressed:Number = Key.getCode();
    /* if LEFT ARROW was pressed... */
    if (keyPressed == 37)
So I don't really know where to go, i have two questions
Do I have to change the state of my button when a xbox controller's button is pressed? or "gotoandstop" to another frame where the button is highlighted? I have no idea..
And then where & how have I to declare that I'm using a XBOX360 Controller for my menu?

Thanks a lot