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Thread: Copying Matinee Sequences from one .udk file to another

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    Copying Matinee Sequences from one .udk file to another

    Hi guys.

    Does anybody know if it's possible to copy a fly-through from a level and paste it into another? I have incremental versions of a map I'd like to edit together into a 'beginning to end' type sequence.

    Tried searching around for an answer to this, but the search just isn't working today.

    Thanks in advance for your help


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    I think you can just select the matinee node and copy and then open the other map and paste it into Kismet, you would then have to plug in your camera actor node into the camera group of the matinee.

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    Am I wrong or making prefab with camera included (used in Matinee) will simply copy Matinee also?

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    I don't think a prefab will have anything to do with Kismet.

    You don't necessarily need to copy the camera over, you can just make a new camera in your second map and plug it into the group that the original camera would go into.

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    Well, if you select all actors you need in some other map (actors involved in Matinee scene), during making prefab small window will pop out with this sign: "Found unrealkismet sequence for this prefab. Make sequence part of prefab?"
    If we choose YES, then whole Matinee scene with involved actors, including animated camera, will become a prefab and carry over to some other map.

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    Yeah, I'd go with a PreFab as well (as it does carry associated Kismet, once setup correctly). Make sure your camera's movement is set to "relative to world" (and not "relative to initial") to have it snap to the same co-ordinates each time you drop it in the level.

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