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Thread: Max Video Training Suggestions?

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    Max Video Training Suggestions?

    Hi modelers!

    I am familiar with the UE3 engine and am now planning to learn hard surface modeling using 3DS Max for my next map in UDK. I find that I learn best from video tutorials based on my experience with Maya. Can any one suggest a good Max 101 guide and/or hard surface pipeline that includes skinning but does not require sculpting apps on the side?

    I prefer to use Eat3d, Gnomon, or Digital Tutors but would be curious if anyone has a preference or can recommend something better.


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    Guest has intro to Max training, 3D buzz I think also has intro to 3ds Max. has a ton of 3ds Max stuff, but I can't really tell if they're still functional, their website is a bit off.

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    Thanks Viper! does seem to be in need of support. I'm looking at the AT-AT tutorial on 3DBuzz, though I may look for something more recent.

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    Hey there LiquidLeary,

    I've got four free intro to Max 2011 tutes on my site at :

    Getting Started in 3ds Max
    Intro to Modelling
    Intro to Texturing
    Intro to Animating

    Simon O

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    you can also try not been there for a long while but they are good

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