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Thread: Winkyboys Vehicle Index down?

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    Winkyboys Vehicle Index down?

    Some time ago I wanted to look for new vehicles so I went to Winkyboys site only to find that the good old Vehicle index is down.

    Does anyone know why this is the case and if there is a replacement?

    Thank you in advance

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    The page is down permanently, It sucks I know, I wanted to get some vehicles from there, I don't know any other sites with those vehicles, First Levels 4 you went down, now Winkyboy's what's next, Game front, Mod DB?

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    the site is archived here
    you can use this to find out the name of the zip files so you can search for them on google
    i know i downloaded a bunch of vehicles from there but dont know if i still have them

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    Hmm thanks unrealloco. At least that's a start. Though it's sad that the pictures are down...

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    I wish I had some of the vehicles that WEREN'T available to download there. :P

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    Somebody can try to put them at gamefront or moddb

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    Parkis G
    It would be cool if someone could take a screenshot of each vehicle and post it on a site, or maybe use imageshack (i think this site is long term image sharing)
    and put it in these forums,

    I can say this, I've been to that site a lot over the year, before it went down,
    and I have about every vehicle on that site, but no screenshots of each vehicle,

    If your looking for a certain vehicle, I could email it to you, or upload it to like
    , I do know that a lot of UT2004 maps and file sites are going down year by year,
    and most of the content is on
    even skincity's archive is on there, you can google the zip file name if you know the name of it to find the file your looking for,
    just like unrealoco said,

    as far as vehicles,
    if you can't find one,
    give me a shout, maybe i could help,
    i do check my messages frequently these days.

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    Parkis G
    here is the list of the vehicles i have

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    Can you send me the Lightning Distribular thingy and the Mustang files, or send a link please?

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    Parkis G
    Quote Originally Posted by Dy1ngs0ul View Post
    Can you send me the Lightning Distribular thingy and the Mustang files, or send a link please?
    here it is,

    some of the vehicles that winkyboy had on his site were in alpha state, so there are a few that don't have a skin, or never got finished,
    but most are pretty cool,
    also check out this map, it has quite a few vehicles in the map,
    ONS-Torlan RIK312
    that map is 100mb,
    anyone interested?
    look at this youtube video of the map with vehicles
    or if you just want the download

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