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Thread: How to use foliage correctly

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    Chay Hawk

    How to use foliage correctly

    Ok so i want to have foliage in my map like grass and trees, but when i put a bunch of it down it makes my game lag like crazy, so what do i do? Im going to take a guess and say i need a cull distance attached to the player actor and all that but idk. I absolutley can NOT find ANY culling tutorials for the UDK so if thats what i need to do then please help me find a tut that shows me how to do it. thanks.

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    How low poly is your models is a big thing as well for any engine. Low Poly + normal maps is where it's at.

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    Chay Hawk
    im actually using the foliage that came with the UDK i just need to know how to use it because i have a massive landscape.

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    Yea you need to remake some grass in a low poly. LOD on grass and foliage eat up performance if not done right.

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