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Thread: Issue with linking jumppad to pathnode

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    Issue with linking jumppad to pathnode

    I've been trying to get a jumpad to work in the mad I'm making, and I've been running into some issues. I've been following the instuctions on how to make them: select the jumppad, lock properties, select the pathnode, set the pathnode as the jumptarget. But when I've tried to do that its given me this error message:

    Failed to assign the PathNode'aidan'smap.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.PathN ode_0' to the JumpTarget property, see log for details.

    Any advice?

    P.S.: I'm using the May 2012 build of the UDK, if that's at all useful.

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    I had the same problem, which turned out to be fixed once I renamed the .udk file from 'The Hole' to 'The_Hole'. UDK just didn't like the space in my filename.

    It's probably too late for the OP, but maybe this little tip will help others who run into the same issue.

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    As far as i know you shouldn't have any ' symbols in map filenames. It's messing up the connection in the location, since it uses ' to denote what the pathnode is. So instead of the path node referring to 'aidansmap.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.PathNode_0' It is instead referring to 'aidan'

    Hope this helps.

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