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Thread: Are Samaritan, Elemental & other demos accessible?

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    Are Samaritan, Elemental & other demos accessible?

    Hello everyone,

    First of all let me say I am absolutely ignorant regarding any aspect of EPIC's or any other company's game engine.

    What I am looking for is; access to high quality demos like the Samaritan & Elemental demo to conduct my own performance tests, enjoy the engine's technological achievements and make a preview of them to my friends.

    However, I am unable to find them (or any other 'playable map' for that matter) anywhere, including UDK's website and UDK's files.

    Can someone please dedicate some time to me explaining how I can enjoy these demonstrations and where I can find more like the ones I am already having access to like "NightAndDayMap" and "FoliageMap"?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Solid Snake
    Not as far as I am aware.

    The FoilageMap and NightAndDayMap are in the latest builds of UDK.

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    The content in those demos are not included in UDK

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    Thank you both for your responses.

    This is something I cannot really understand; how can they present them and introduce them as real time content if this cannot be reproduced by anyone to verify its validity?

    In any case, I thought there was a number of showcases out there available to everyone, including the Samaritan and Elemental demonstrations - too bad there are not.

    In any case, thanks again guys!

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    The elemental Demo was done with unreal engine 4, which is t available to anyone yet. It was used to show off the new engine, and they showed it in the engine as well. The Samaritan demo was shown to allow users to see what Unreal 3 is fully capable of, and it's not something they would fake just to get buyers because big companies would know if what was shown isn't possible.

    Epic included many example maps in the UDK right out of the box. They didn't have to at all because from the multitude of UE3 games out there and the quality of many of them, everyone knows how capable of an engine UE3 is. Demanding them to release demo maps because you don't believe that they may be real time until you test them is absurd. They have no reason to lie about it.

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    They have documentation on all the features that they used in the Samaritan demo, anyone can do the same things, they just don't give you the content that they used.

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    Buddhist Punk

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