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Thread: DM-Albatross 4.0 [PC]

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    nice map mate, very pleasant to play and to watch ...thx for ur work and for sharing...

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    Cheers Bl!tz

    PC Download Link Version 4.0 [22/07/12]

    Changelog 4.0/ Version 4.0

    * Added scrolling [animated] preview images like ut2004
    * Created the shadow in the tunnels [as seen in UT2004- a must see]
    * Bumped up the Lightmap Resolution []
    * Toned down the Sky
    * Moved ammo in the tunnels [because bots were being silly- a vital update]
    * Added some blocking elements to the map, although some gaps may still exist [perimeter]

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    I get this error every time I load into the map...


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    ?- your image is not visible

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    PS3 cook now up at UT3MOD.COM - DM-Albatross

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    don't know why, but AlbatrossPackage.upk won't push from my redirect; it insists on copying from the server.

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    Private Tux

    Exclamation Bump! Got crash.

    Hey TKBS, just downloaded your updated version of DM-Albatross in v4.0 four months later, after that in this day, I've got a Runtime Error after loading this map and UT3 went apparently crash. Installation is fine but not in the game, or did I just found some mistakes.

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    Ah, I remember this map, hope has the original music.
    I'm going to give it a run.

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    The PS3 version runs fine, thank goodness. The issues I found is
    the music doesn't repeat and a little too quiet. At least there's the original
    UT2004 music. The other issues is that when you kill the character in the
    rocket launcher hallway, the character disappears when not gibbed, the gibs fly out
    randomly, and when you pin the character at the wall or ceiling with stinger minigun
    alt fire, the character stretches out of shape along with intense geometric stretches
    into jaggy, pointy, triangles that ruins the character when they die in the rocket launcher
    hallway. That kind of disappoints me with these kind of issues.

    Overall, the map remake itself brings back the nostalgia from 2004, fun to
    play in, and a great layout design. Hope these issues would be fixed if someone uncooks it and
    recook it again.. Thanks for the map anyways.

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