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Thread: DM-Albatross 4.0 [PC]

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    Hi, I'm having a problem with the Lightning Gun... While I can see the weapon ingame before picking it up, each time I want to use it I can't see the model in my hands. Everything else works, I mean I can shot, use the zoom, etc... but the model itself just isn't there. I have installed everything like in the rar, with all the folders (CustomWeapons, Packages...).

    Any idea what's going wrong? I'd really want to add this excellent remake to my collection!

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    Private Tux
    @Firmament: He's updated the new Beta 2 version of UT2004 Lightning Gun because had a fixed issues, the mutator itself included in this map is Beta 1. You can download the new version of the mutator from the link here:

    PS: This map will be updated soon as TKBS announced.

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    Well, I have replaced the files of the fixed lightning gun from your link with the ones in my games folder and this time the map simply crashes on start

    I guess I'll have to wait for that new version of the map much like everyone else. Thanks for your help, regardless.

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    Sorry about the F__k Up guys.
    Please note:
    - The reason Lightning Gun was in the map is because i cannot code very well.
    - Making a mutator was very hard for me to do - but i think it now works
    - LightningGun 2.0 upgrade means that my DM-Albatross Broke

    - As such i have made a few changes to the DM-Albatross Map.
    - Before release i will PM everyone in this thread with a new link, i would appreciate a response / feedback asap.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this has cause.

    // and don't forget this was extremely hard and annoying for me to make.
    - all of the improvemenst and changes are based on people's feedback and my stubborn perseverance

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    Screw it

    Guys try this please.

    - ps3 new link ON FIRST POST

    ^^ this process is as annoying for me as it is for people to have to download a new file

    - sorry for the inconvenience- this map and weapon pack has been hell to create

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    Okay, everything works fine, now. Thanks for your hard work, coding is hell of a task sometimes

    Just one thing, on your previous unfixed map (the one that had the integrated lightning gun weapon), I noticed that the lightning effect was totally similar to the UT2004 one. With your mutator, the said effect is more "cartoonish" and overally bigger. I believe I prefered the old UT2004 one, by far. This is my opinion, of course, and is not a big deal as the map and mutator as such are already a must have for these old UT fans

    Again, thank you!

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    Smile my review will be coming soon;)

    (Cut to corner of cinema. A man in an ice-cream girl's uniform is standing in a spotlight with an ice-cream tray with an albatross on it.)

    Man: Albatross! Albatross! Albatross!

    (A customer approaches him.)

    Customer: Two choc-ices please.

    Man: I haven't got choc-ices. I only got the albatross. Albatross!

    Customer: What flavour is it?

    Man: It's a bird, innit? It's a bloody sea bird . .. it's not any bloody flavour. Albatross!

    Customer: Do you get wafers with it?

    Man: Course you don't get bloody wafers with it. Albatross!

    Customer: How much is it?

    Man: Ninepence.

    Customer: I'll have two please.

    Man: Gannet on a stick.

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    Cool cool remake!

    yep, ok I’ll shutup about that already; nice remake, sky’s a little bright but I like the surrounding trees and “things that formed as the Earth cooled and erosion happened”; I remember this map and it has a killer layout and is great for 1on1 and 3 players and possibly 4 players; needs blocking volumes at ends of river as I was able to wander into oblivion; bots are decent but could be a little better.

    Albatross! Get yer Albatross here!

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    Excellent remake...colors really pop on the PS3 ver. and plays great.
    Thanks for the update to the PS3 cook.

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