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Thread: FaceFX rig merged with UDK rig - thats what I should give my artist right?

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    FaceFX rig merged with UDK rig - thats what I should give my artist right?

    I am hiring a modeler/rigger to do my models.

    I am guessing he is going to need the standard UDK rig with the facefx rig attached to the head bone on the UDK rig... is that correct?

    Is that the best rig?

    Is there something available for download that already has the UDK rig along with the facefx rig already combined into one rig? Its not that hard to attach the 2 but wanted to make sure there isnt something better, newer, etc.

    Just want to make sure I give the artist the right rig so I am not limited later on.

    I have the standard UDK rig but where do I get the facefx rig?


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    i got the facefx rig from the marcus file on UDN

    you only need the facefx rig if your character will use it, most characters will only use the normal UDK rig, that said you only need that rig if you want to use the animset that comes with udk

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    Thanks geodav for answering...

    I just want to be smart about all this - I havent messed around with any of the FaceFX stuff yet... but figured if I want facial expressions I should do it that way, right?

    My characters are going to need to talk and blink etc... Is there a better way to do facial animations?

    also.... what version of max are you using to open up that marcus.max file? - its not working 2010 or max 9


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    Daemon Vanderpool
    Is the Marcus rig available to be used in commercial games though? It does say on that page that geodave has posted that you should probably give out credit if you're going to use it.


    The Gears of War editor is provided on an as-is basis and without any warranty of any kind, and it is unsupported by Epic and by Microsoft.

    Respect the rights of others. By making custom content available, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for that content. You agree that you have all necessary rights to make any content publicly available and that it complies with all applicable laws and does not violate the rights of any person or entity.
    Not sure if the rig is copyrighted or not but I thought that would be a good question to ask. I was searching online for a similar way to integrate a body skeletal mesh with FaceFx and then found this thread. I'm not sure if the note there is just regarding Gears mods or is also applicable to the UDK, but I'm going to assume that it very well might. But of course you could just make your own rig and use the marcus one to learn from I suppose. Not sure if you could just straight use that rig and then send it out in a commercial game, but I may be wrong if it's not really regarded that big of a deal by Epic since rigs are rigs, but yeah you might want to at least try and find that out if you're planning on doing that with whatever game it is that you're working on and if you are it might be a good idea to mention it somewhere.

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    i doubt very much that you could use that rig in a commercial game, i used it for my tutorials as it was nearly the same as that used for the UT3 cinematics.

    best to use it as a learning tool and create your own

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