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Thread: load and unload a level

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    Exclamation load and unload a level

    I got a big problem (for me :P). I got large building with many rooms. I thought that I can make every room like a level and load it and unload when enter. I create level(room), create trigger, in kismet i create triggrt in touch and stream levels and names it. I connect touch->load, untouch->unload and i was happy that it will be work but problem appeard;/ Level is of course loaded when i enter trigger area but when i move put it dont disappeard ;/
    Can someone tell me what I did wrong ? Or tell me how to do that in different way ?? I will be very gratefull:>

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    Did you set the trigger to be usable an infinite amount of times? (click on the touch event in kismet and check the properties)

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    hmm I dony see anything which means infinity of time in this properties;/ you mean trigger count or something ??? or it is more specific option?? I got march version of UDk.

    oki I increase trigger count to 1 000 000 and it works I hope that infinity in udk mean 0 but unfortunatly not ;/
    BUT thank you for help :> if someone know how to make infinity count i will be greatfull:>

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    Doesn't UDK already do this? I read somewhere that UDK unloads objects on the fly if it isn't already being viewed by players. Can someone please provide me with clarification on this?

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    0 does mean infinite.

    And yes, UDK loads and unloads things based on what's visible on the screen but separating a large map into multiple levels could be good so that if you make any changes to a single room you don't have to rebuild the lighting for the entire map.

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