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Thread: Compose a mesh with a part of other randoms meshes

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    Compose a mesh with a part of other randoms meshes

    Hi there !

    I do 3D since nearly 2 years but i'm not at ease with udk... I just want to create a shelf, i have the base, but inside i want random racks, choose between 3 sets of racks, and also random doors, choose between 3 sets of doors.

    I plan to introduce this in a multiplayer fps where composed meshes like this shelf are generated each time map is regen by the server (every 2/3 weeks). This is another thing, i will post another thread later for this i think

    So, how to compose my shelf with those meshes ?

    Thank you

    Edit : also, sorry if there's already a topic on it. I'm not english and maybe i don't know every words to search efficiently my request

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    If you want it to happen randomly, you'd have to code it.

    It would be pretty simple, if you can script.

    If you can't you ought to read a bit up on unrealscript first.

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    Oh seriously ? I thought this thing could be a solution but i didn't know how to handle it.

    Yeah i don't know a lot how to script, i'm more a visual guy who does on photoshop and Cinema 4D

    Can you give me some tips on which scripting solution i should look at ? There's so much things...

    Thx again

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