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Thread: Why mobile_placeable_pawn doesn't work with trigger

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    Exclamation Why mobile_placeable_pawn doesn't work with trigger

    The mobile placeable pawn doesn't work with trigger at all. I setted trigger touch and blocking volume in the scene. Via kismet I wanted touch the trigger and change collision of volume to no_collision. But it didn't worked. I checked the pawn and trigger collisions. There both were touch_all. I chaged mind and wanted statich mesh disappear when touching trigger. Used toggle hide. Linked when trigger touch hide statich mesh. But unfortunately that was also useless. Who has idea about this. Why mobile pawn doesn't work with trigger. I first tested everything in PC editor everything worked properly. I am using UDK march 2012.

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    In trigger propeties (on Kismet) uncheck "player only".

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    Thank, dude. Wonderful.

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