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Thread: Nordic Mead Games looking for experienced UDK Developers

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    Cool Nordic Mead Games looking for experienced UDK Developers

    Hi all!

    I am Ollie the Team Leader over at Nordic Games, we have chosen to use UDK as our game engine. yet none of us are skilled in using it and so we turn to these forums in hopes we can find an experienced UDK-er to lend us a hand and help us with the project.

    the following is a snippet from our High Concept Document so you can get a basic idea of what we are trying to create...

    32-Player game match consisting of 17th century naval battles between English & Pirates. 2 teams with 1 ship each, players are responsible for navigating the ship and by working in a team firing the cannons to sink the opposing ship.

    Game will be played in 1st person view(ship navigator 3rd person) where they will be able to freely walk the ship taking on the job of aiming and firing a cannon as though they were firing a gun or leaving the ship to engage in Melee & Range battles on land or opposing ship with an assortment of swords and guns.

    As you can see it is going to be quite a feat so if your up for the challenge we welcome ye aboard!

    as a note: some of the functions we intend to add are quite complicated and when shown to other game developers and designers we were greeted with "holy hell goodluck guys" so we only seek real enquirers.

    Ollie Smith
    Nordic Mead
    Team Leader

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    If this is your first project (it sounds like it is because "none of you are skilled in using UDK"), then scale it down. This is way too ambitious for a first project, although better than an MMOFPSRPGRTSTPSTD.

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    Yea. I concur.
    Scale it wayyy down especially if you are depending on non paid/royality devs.

    Also, as of late, I'm a bit fan of mini prototyping.

    I'd recommend prototyping one aspect of your game in a simple engine, like game maker to see if it's even fun first.

    Also, we know nothing about you. Why would someone that has experienced join a team that has 'decided' on UDK, but has very little experience with it.

    Sell your self.

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    Yes this is our first project though I do have experience on other teams and let me write up a short bio here....

    We are a bunch of Uni students all studying at Train2Game(Open Uni) We have been doing great on our studies and decided as of late it would be good to get a team together and work on our first project, the reason why we have gone for this concept is that we all have a love for this type of game and I feel there has to be passion for games making in order to succeed and I also feel if there is no passion then there is no drive but with a good drive this project will succeed.

    Now that hurt my brain thinking of how to put that nice little ending together hahahaa...

    /me returns to his home under a rock.....

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    Passion is great. And all great games are made with passion.

    However, since this is your first team project, I'd highly recommend making a demo of idea first. This can save you a lot of time and show what you and your team can do.

    The smaller the scope, the greater the success with small teams.

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