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Thread: NEC_light_turklamp

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    moshe one


    im looking for a tutorial on how to make a lamp like "NEC_light sm mesh.s_nec lights_sm_turklamp"
    what kind of texture maps do i need and where to put them in udk.

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    Well there's really no tutorial specifically for that type of model. You would need to create the texture from scratch, there's no template textures or premise textures for models. Look up some modeling and UV mapping tutorials and some photoshop tutorials for texture maps to get an idea. There's plenty on you tube or 3D Buzz

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    moshe one
    i know that i have to create the texture from scratch
    to be more precise i want to know how to make the light glow on and off
    do i need to make a special texture? and where do i put it?

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    Look up emissive textures. That's primarily what would allow that.

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    moshe one
    THANK YOU )))))
    that is what i've been looking for
    and i found a great tutorial on that subject

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