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Thread: making paths

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    Question making paths

    hi i'm kind of new to UDK and i was looking for some help. i have seen some tutorials and they say that you have to add csg to the box template to make it "solid". well when i press add csg it doesn't do anything, this might be because i didn't select the box right or because im not in additive mode. but i don't even know how to check those. also, this might be the problem, when i start UDK up i don't start with a box like in the tutorials, i have just three arrows connecting each other. they seem to have the same context as the box and i can even make a box using the cube but i can't seem to solidify it with csg add. please help me.
    here's another way for me to put my problem: i can't add csg to a box in other words i can't make a path. when i try to add csg nothing happens.

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    Maybe you have CSG hidden, Press "Q" to toggle CSG view on/off

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    Quote Originally Posted by DGlow View Post
    Maybe you have CSG hidden, Press "Q" to toggle CSG view on/off

    thanks for the reply but when i make a box or panel press csg add or ctrl a and then press Q nothing happens. should i uninstall UDK and then get a previous version?

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