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Thread: UDK Restaurant Environment : Thanks UDK Forums!

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    UDK Restaurant Environment : Thanks UDK Forums!

    Hi all.
    Here's a restaurant environment I created in UDK. I wanted to (show it off and) say a quick thanks to some people here for your help, specifically with the materials editor and Matinee.

    Some hi-res screens with DOF to do it a bit more justice:


    I blogged all the development, so feel free to take a look here if you're interested:

    It's currently a 1.0 so please leave me some feedback if you like it, or any suggestions for improvements please do make them!

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    That's pretty well done, you could turn up some of the lightmaps though, the floor shadows are kind of blobby, plus I'd turn down the ambient-occlusion.

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    It's a really good start. I think you would benefit from adding more detail (pictures, designs, etc) on the walls. They look a little bare at the moment so while watching the video I mentally went "cool looking tables and silverware, nice stairset, aaaand now what?" I ran out of focal points pretty quick.

    That bare look may be nice for a restaurant in real life, but as a game environment, it's lacking some details and focal points. It's very good so far though!

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    @darthviper107 Thanks, yeah they're at 32 at the moment but I was kinda scared to play with them, no idea why. Maybe 128 would be adequate?

    @JessieG Thanks for the blow by blow points, that's very helpful. I was going for minimalism as that's the contemporary right now, but the walls are a little bare you're right. I was thinking a city in the background would be a good idea as well.

    Also does anyone know why my static meshes cast no shadows? Is this a lightmapping issue?

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    Yeah to get those shadows to show up better you need to up the lightmap resolution of the object the shadows are castes on. (So if you want the shadow of a table to appear better on a wall, the lightmap resolution of the wall needs to be higher.)

    If you have any BSP, their resolution has to go LOWER for better shadows (1 is the best setting, hit F5 to change this setting.)

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