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Thread: The Desert(real-time environment with no Diffuse Maps Technology)

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    Outstanding work, and thanks for sharing the making-of information!

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    Very creative and different! Keep it up.

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    Pretty amazing work!! grats!!!

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    really interesting subject and really well explained, you have a really good point here and the fact that you took your time to write it down and explain it to anyone makes you a legend :P
    i'm a big supporter of this way of thinking out of the schemes, going procedural and developing new ways to get better result and not just using higher res textures. kudos to you for this great idea!

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    Red face

    Wow, you guys are all so awesome, I'm sorry I haven't checked this thread for a few days - been busy with something for you.

    You are too kind, Tux Android. Thank you.
    Btw there are no photos in there. If you are referring to Diary Pages - I threw them together in photoshop. You can tell I did this by the grammar mistakes

    Huge thanks, DoomTobi!

    I'm glad you are MOTHERJAVA. Feel free to try it out for yourself with what's at the end of this post and also thank you

    Huge thanks, Cuplacakes! It is, it is very useful indeed. Feel free to try it out!

    Thanks, joshua.fontany. I hope you'll find it useful.

    Blizzard_Edge, you're very welcome! I'm glad you like it.

    Thank you, TheAgent. I'll try!

    Much appreciated, AlejoS

    box-0, thank you very much, friend. It's my pleasure to find someone who thinks that way. I do believe that art should be about art and not the tedium of putting every little meaningless detail in, and hopefully someday will have fitting tools for that at our disposal.

    And finally, there one thing I wanted to share with you guys...but I can't seem to remember what it is....
    ...oh yeah, THE MATERIALS!
    Click the image to grab them!

    There are all kinds of "procedural" materials for you to check out as well as a couple of example textures and meshes. Also there's a .PSD that makes for very smooth gradient map production as it allows you to preview your gradient mapping, normal, specular, damage and diffuse pattern influence right in photoshop! It's like you're painting your gradient map directly in UDK and can immediately see the end result! I've made a little video that will hopefully make things more visual for you:

    I hope this will help you guys to do your stuff faster, prettier and more efficient! Though it does take a little getting used to, I can't wait so see what great stuff you awesome people will come up with. Arrrgh

    Oh, and just in case, if there's something wrong or I forgot to plug something somewhere - report it here and I'll get it fixed.

    Have fun!

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    Fantastic project ! Really well done & executed form the concepts to the final result

    Love everything in this pure work of art. 7:41 of awesomeness, THX you !

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    Thanks for sharing the package! I love disassembling this kind of stuff, and I'm sure others will also find it inspiring.

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    There is missing one material function in the package, I think.

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    Great work!!! Thank you for sharing.

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    indeed there's something missing in the package. says d1v_ProcMat_Demo.upk is missing which leads to d1v_Desert.Materials.Functions.SpecFromDiffuse to be missing. therefore nothing works

    great stuff btw, the kind of technology I like: easy to implement, boosts productivity, looks nice, and optimizes performance

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