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Thread: again cansee :D

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    again cansee :D

    i want to use cansee function but engine use lineofsightto instead cansee for me
    in unreal document epic say

    * ::CanSee
    * Returns true if the specified pawn is visible within
    * our peripheral vision. If the pawn is not our current
    * enemy then LineOfSightTo() will be called instead.

    i set enemy variable in controller class to my enemy but again lineofsightto called instead of can see and ignore fov

    can anybody help me how can i use cansee and dont let engine use lineofsightto instead of cansee

    tnx a lot

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    i solved it

    just in use CanSeeByPoints instead and give pawn and enemy location and pawn rotation and CanSeeByPoints calculate lineofsightto with fov included

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