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Thread: FBX Maya to UDK

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    FBX Maya to UDK

    I have been learning how to export and import different things from maya 2013 to UDK May release. Everything is exporting well, I have tried Rigs, animations, meshes and materials and UV-maps.

    All have worked except for materials and UV-Maps. I do not understand why. I did the export and import just with maya and no problems with the autodesk software. So i believe there is something wrong with either what i am doing in UDK, or the package is missing something. I have followed various tutorials from people who use UDK in exporting FBX, from representatives and from people who do this as a job or hobby and I have had no success. UDK does'nt say there are any errors either. The materials when imported are usually blank.

    I have tried applying materials face by face. I have applied materials to object mesh and still nothing. So the only conclusion I can come up with is that UDK is not importing correctly even with correct settings on Import : /

    I do this as a hobby and have been getting quite frustrated for the past week, I could not find threads on forum. Any Ideas, or similar threads?

    First forum I have done, so not sure if this thread is in the right place.

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    Don't use JPEG.

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    I don't understand, does the export automatically make it Jpeg from maya, which means UDK can't read it? what format should I change it too e.g. Targa, Bitmap.

    The image type did not even occur to me : /

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    Do I have to import textures seprately from the mesh, as I have been using default blinns and phongs in Maya 2013, I can't seem to find a material format in its exporter.

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    Check the launch.log file in the UDKGame\Logs folder after you do an import that doesn't work as expected and see if there is any information or errors listed so you have an idea of what is going wrong. Jpeg is not a supported texture format and only basic material types are supported. The supported formats and types are all listed in the documentation, which I suggest reading.

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