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Thread: iClone to UDK

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    iClone to UDK

    I just wanted to share with you something that many UDK users could find interesting. I am animator and one of the beta testers of new 3DXchange (import export unit, separate program actually, of iClone software for real time animation). New 3DXchange can import, assign skeletons and export characters with or without animations - and it works rather well.
    Still slight foot bone problem for some characters, but I will solve this.
    Video was quickly assembled, nothing much, just to show that it works.)
    (I don't work for Reallusion company, I simply think that many UDK users could use this for many visualization purposes.)

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    Well that's great but as far as I can tell this hasn't been released to the public yet.

    Also: That guy's talking to a horse.

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    That was me and my chief. (who is which, you may ask?)
    No, it's not out yet, we are testing it right now. Out before the end of this month.

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    This is really interesting. Great work!

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    Thanks. I really think this will be very big step for "small" animators. Previsualization in general. Animating in iClone is extremely easy and import in UDK is just few clicks job. Years ago when I started with 3D animation, I could die for combination like that. And now it's here...

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    makan ansari
    Nice i like it

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    Graphics are great, I love the spring.

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    Thank you guys, but I don't have nothing to do with graphics. These are all UDK default maps. I just imported animated characters and toy with camera a bit. That was the point of my post in first place; from now on animators can use magic of UDK environment much easier then before.
    (just for the record, I was testing other free powerful engine today, and it is close to impossible to import animated character from outside. UDK is a king and now it's kingdom is not only much bigger, but easier to travel across. )

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    I am looking for support to import Daz 3D and iClone characters into UDK

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