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Thread: Geoff Keighley confirms Unreal Engine 4 reveal at E3: A full 30-minute GTTV special

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    As someone who's finally been interested in using the UDK, it is disappointing to hear the consensus on UE4 UDK release dates.

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    I didn't realize there was a consensus. GameInformer magazine said they're interested in releasing it "much sooner" than the other UDK, and some people here say 3 years.

    I just think no one knows right now. Best to just wait for an official word before getting disappointed.

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    Noone knows, but three years is still within 'sooner'. UE3's unveiling -> UDK took six years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ambershee View Post
    Noone knows, but three years is still within 'sooner'. UE3's unveiling -> UDK took six years.
    Yes but still UE3 > UDK was completely different situation. Different engine, different priorities, and most important different market.

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    every UDK "user" is a free Beta Tester for Epic!

    UDK UE4 will come for sure

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    One more thing i would like to add........ Has any one Noticed that???

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    Yes and it has been discussed.

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    just trying to build the hype a little more..

    By the way.......what are the minimum sytem requirements???

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    I'm thinking the UE4 tools will be available to at least licensed developers before the next wave of XBOX & PlayStation gaming consoles. It'd behoove Epic to release a free to use public UDK at the same time, or shortly after. There's a few reasons UE3 is the number one game engine. Obviously it's a phenomenal piece of software that it easily produces beautiful results and does so efficiently. Another reason is that EVERYBODY in the industry knows how to use it. A free to use UDK3 was a smart move. It wouldn't make sense to not do the same for UE4.

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    I think they will have legal trouble just releasing udk using ue4 straight.away they need to pay for using that middleware
    Also some things will need to be rewritten for it to be usable by hobbiest (the old ue3 has a c++ map editor it is now written in c# and native classes where changed to unrealscript to slow the game down ) plus udk does not work on windows 8 so ue4 will lose backward comparability with older windows
    And for the screen shot that is also how you write native classes In ue3 ue2 ue1 most files did say made by tim

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