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    With a history of war, we may have taken one planet too many…

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    Mass Wars is an RPG Shooter game currently under development by the indie company Plasma City Entertainment using the UDK engine. [source]

    Masswars will feature a rich and expansive environment, detailed characters and creatures.

    Here is some concept art:

    Masswars will feature various creatures: both hostile and docile. They will include:

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    Sovat Corp:
    The Sovat are a corporation operating in the planet Echo. Depending on player actions, they can be your friends or enemies:

    Sovat Troops and drones:

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    Sovon Corp:

    sovon: is a armor and vehicle company, they have an private army like sovat. but it is based on armor and gear. sovon was in the gold war, fought against the u.s.s (united space sections) over the gold and land, which they won. [Source]

    Sovon Troops:

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    THe Valor is a beastlike creature in the planet Echo...Despite their animalistic Appearance, they are technologically advanced.

    the valor have been on the planet echo over ten million years.
    they moved under ground when the planet split in half. no reason
    why it did. the planet crashed back together four years
    later. the valor raised up from the under ground and founded that
    echo had changed and was to dangerous to live on the surface of the
    planet. the valor built their cities under ground not knowing
    that they were not the only life underground. they found
    creatures such as reapers, vinshares etc. they tamed theses
    creatures and used them for transport. the valor had made there
    own kinds of weapon that resemble human weapons such as ak's and
    shotguns. in the year 2022 the humans sent a space prob to echo to
    search for life. the mission failed there was no life found where
    they sent the prob but they did spot water.
    meaning life could be
    in development. when the space prob was mint to come back it didnt. the prob was
    token by the valor. the humans never got the space prob back. (note
    the space prob landed on the planet) the valor to this technology and
    copied it in their own image. with it they made the very first
    helmet (with in there race) with a heads up display, the helmet
    improved the valor's vision. with it they could locate enemies , see in the dark,etc.
    in the year 2066 when humans came to echo. the valor at first study the humans, took some of their tech and made it into their own.
    through 2074 (in this year the void war toke place) and 2075 (in this year the gold war took place) the valor had watch the humans fight one another for power.
    in 2077 the valor's queen and king had chosen to attack the humans and take over the planet for themselves thinking that it was there right to control the planet.
    the valor would try to over run the humans. but did not know they were not the only force attacking the humans. [source]

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    The Droth have been around for a long time
    they are one of the oldest races on planet Echo. In their time on the planet, they have amassed a lot of power
    They do have bitter rivals, though. the valor have been a thorn on the side of every droth.

    Droth Signa

    The Team

    Meka(ghost59) - Art Director/founder/ lead
    Keltar3007- modeler

    Positions Needed:
    we are looking for concept artist, programers(able to program in udk ) and level designers(able to use udk) [source]


    This post will be updated periodically
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    The Valor Commander reminds me of a Krogan and the Sovon armor that of the n7 armor....

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    Wow...SOmebody mentioned that on Moddb...Actually the game model is more unique...doesnt look like N7 at all/

    And as fr the Valor Commander, thats just the front view...looks nothing like a krogan from the side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelt'ar View Post
    Wow...SOmebody mentioned that on Moddb...Actually the game model is more unique...doesnt look like N7 at all/

    And as fr the Valor Commander, thats just the front view...looks nothing like a krogan from the side.
    I know, I talked to Ghost earlier...

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    Here are 2 characters:

    soul is the lead of the private company sovat
    she is calm and cool, she likes to carry a pistol with her.

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    moya was born in 2050
    she is 27 years old
    she started working for sovat in 2069
    she got into high ranks when she turned 23
    she was souls desk agent, she looked up anything and everything soul wanted to know.
    As the years passed she became one of the top soldiers for soul and now handles all responsibilities,
    like making sure shipping gets through, watching over cities etc.
    Moya is also trained to fight, she likes to keep a knife with her at all times.
    she is fearless and can take out multiple people at the same time.
    this is Moya Green and she is your worst nightmare
    [Source] italics are changes to original

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    Here is a video on her making:

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    This is the valor in the udk editor:

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    Private Tux
    The Valor 3D model is really unique, interesting concept of Sovon Troops; but 3D models of Soul and Moya aren't impressed well (but I like the drawings of them).

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    This shows the valor ingame. I used the FLCT code for this:

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    Those shoulders are way to massive giving the women a very manly and some what scary tone.

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    crap yyou took a idea from a doctor who and put it in a game you cant do that they might sue if ti gets public iw ould change your storyline. oh and also can you help me with my stroy line you said it sucked so i was wondering if anyone coul help me btu still keeping in mid that you have to keep the main events that are displayed at

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