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Thread: Looking to start a casual team! All talents needed! :D

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    Wink Looking to start a casual team! All talents needed! :D

    Hello. I am Orestis and I want to start a casual team for making Video Games. I have several concepts in my head, most of them fleshed out quite nicely, but I need a team to make them come true.

    The positions don't require any experience, just the will and enthusiasm to make a great game! All positions are open although I am the Video Game and Art Director. Also I will be drawing some concept art for the game! Anyone who wishes to help is welcome!

    My idea is the following:
    The game is split into two parts. The single-player and the multi-player:

    -Movement via the WASD keys and jumping with space (fully customizable though) (in-progress)
    -12 bind-able keys for 4 weapons. Default are:
    ->Slot 1 High Attack Y Normal attack H Low Attack B
    ->Slot 2 High Attack U Normal attack J Low Attack N
    ->Slot 3 High Attack I Normal attack K Low Attack M
    ->Slot 4 High Attack O Normal attack L Low Attack ,
    -2 customizable keys for 2 Customization chips
    ->Slot 1 Q
    ->Slot 2 E

    -The game will be combo oriented so weapon changes will be encouraged. The longer the combo, the better the score. The switch between the weapons is instantaneous and will create awesome combos.

    For example with a sword with very fast speed low power little knock-back and big range and a hammer with big damage, big knock-back medium range and very slow speed: If a player presses H, H, H, H, Y, Space, N Slate does a sword combo that hits everyone in a big range around him, send most of them up in the air, jumps himself and then hits the enemy in front of him once (while in the air) and slams the target and mobs in a medium range around him to the ground and they bounce back to get mauled some more!


    Each Weapon has 4 status which are randomly generated every time the player finds a weapon. Each status has a cosmetic change on the weapon. Power and Speed change the color of the weapon and the other 2 change the shape of the weapon. The weapons the player can find get progressively stronger (starting at 50 randomly distributed points and by the final battle the player should posses weapons with 130 randomly distributed points)

    Sword: Power - Speed - Knock-back - Area
    Hammer: Power - Speed - Knock-back - Area
    Drill: Power - Speed - Knock-back - Area
    Gun: Power - Speed - Knock-back - Area
    Spear: Power - Speed - Piercing - Reach
    Hook: Power - Speed - Piercing - Reach

    -Chips: (Under Construction)

    Single Player Story:

    ~The player take control of a robot that has been deactivated due to the robot developing a personality. An explosion, restarts the Robot's systems and it wakes up to find the world overrun with other Robots, Orcs and Vampire Bunnies. The Robot's code-name is "Slate". As it walks through the ruins of the facility he was being held in, he encounters various destroyed robots and the safety chip she had lodged in his core overheats and thus Slate's personality and feelings come back. In a massive electrical explosion a robot activates near him and he is told that he must find the "World chip" A chip that will let him connect with all the other active robots (Thus unlocking the multiplayer)

    Slate must travel through the ruins of the city, collecting weapons and customization chips as he goes. Finally he reaches the ROBOT-ORC-RIDING-VAMPIRE-OVERLORD-BUNNY.. or in short R.O.R.V.O.B. He defeats the mighty beast and gains the "World Chip" thus unlocking the Multiplayer.


    The player goes in a 4 people lobby and the game begins automatically.
    1st idea: 4 players in separate corridors with glass walls where they face 1 Mob each and will have to kill him. The player with the lowest score (worst combo) will die and the remaining 3 will move forward towards another mob. The same will happen a second and a third time. In the fourth round the player must survive against a horde of mini-vampire-bunnies.

    If he survives he wins 500 Golden Bolts (Idea not final) . All other players win Silver Bolts depending on their score and in what round they died.

    Store: In the store Players can buy weapons or chips. The stats of the weapons are random but all weapons that can be bought with silver bolts have 150 points also silver chips can be bought with silver bolts. Weapons bought with golden bolts have 200 points and the player can also buy Golden chips.

    Golden bolts can also be bought using Real money.Golden blots can be traded with Silver bolts (but not vice versa)

    A high-score system will also be implemented to show the scores and videos of the best 3 combos of the week, of the month and of all time.

    (multiplayer ideas under constuction)

    Regarding funding: My Idea is that once we have a prototype, we could try to post it on Kickstarter! There we can get both funding and publicity!

    The following Jobs are open:

    Sound Designer
    And pretty much anyone else who thinks he can help out!

    The Goal is to make at least a basic prototype. Once we have that we may be able to recruit more people!

    If you are interested, post in this thread! Tell me what you can do and I shall contact you via PM

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    Watch out maloha the police will arrive soon.....

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    ...Whut? O.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by moloha View Post
    ...Whut? O.o
    You'll see what I mean...... I'll let you know when they arrive.

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    I like the idea. I will take it and make my own game out of it. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seenooh View Post
    I like the idea. I will take it and make my own game out of it. Thank you.
    LOOOOL you damn thieve.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by seenooh View Post
    I like the idea. I will take it and make my own game out of it. Thank you.
    Um... I would appreciate it if you didn't...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by juguefre View Post
    LOOOOL you damn thieve.......
    I knew you would laugh hard on that one XD.

    @moloha, just kidding man, just kidding lol.

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    Sooo.. anyone interested in helping? I need people so we can make a short prototype! After that, we will see the reactions and act accordingly!

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    Also, do you like my idea? Any changes you would like to be implemented? Any advice in general?

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