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Thread: Which college should I go for?

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    Wouldn't hurt to be prepared and ahead though.

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    Yeah, you can always get the max trial and get learnin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessieG View Post
    Exactly. The atmosphere, the ability to meet like minded people and get together to work on something, it all helps. Saying school is useless because it doesn't teach you is like saying you don't need to go to law school in order to win a case as a lawyer you just need to do it. School helps immensely if you take what you learn and incorporate that into what you do. I've seen so many people say it's a bad idea to get a degree for game stuff, when in reality it's not. Is it needed? Not if you can learn the stuff on your own. Is it a bad idea? definitely not.
    Read my post again and you will notice that I only mentioned that you do not learn game design at game design schools.
    There is no mention to being useless, not helping or anything like that.

    I'm just warning someone that wants to buy a red car that the car is not red. If you actually want the car and not the red color specific then go for it.

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    Ill be graduating from a "Game Design" school and that's the last thing I learned, we learned Game Development, and programming. Game design is theory and is something that only happens when you and a bunch of friends put your heads together and design a game. So like what Saishy said, its learned through experience.

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    I will go with naval institute and some self-taught work in UDK in my spare time. thank you everyone for your opinions they have been of great use to me. if you guys want to keep discussing feel free, unless a mod wants to close this .

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    Quote Originally Posted by iuli4n View Post
    Hello everyone. My name is Julian and I have come to a crossroad in my life where I need to choose my career path. This summer I am finishing college and I have to choose between 2 colleges. First would be studying in the UK the Interactive system and Video Game Design, but problem would be that I don't know if I would have enough money to finish the program. The second choice is studying Sailing and finish as a naval officer 1st class followed by a career as a captain (since my dad,uncles and brother are sailors finding a job would be easy). What would you guys suggest? Should I go for the sure thing (2nd option) and maybe work as a indy developer in my spare time or try and finish the UK college which doesnt really mean will get me a job? I hope it's not in the wrong section.
    You are in a phase where it's tough to understand whether you are really passionate about something or it's just a short time liking. So first decide whether you are really passionate about video game designing.

    Ask yourself the following questions:
    1.Are you good at designing?
    2.Are you good at maths and stats?
    3.Would you stick to playing games for long hours?
    4.Will you able to sit in a same room for long long hours and keep working in front of computer?
    5.How would you feel if you never have the option of game designing? you feel of lost something or you'll casually look for other jobs?

    Answering these questions will help you to find the answer from your sub conscious. If answer for all these questions are positive, you should goto game designing else choose the sailor job as you've a guaranteed job there.

    Important point, be aware that game designing sounds interesting for most people in your age.

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