Hy Peoples.

1. sorry for ma' english *s*

i have offen problems with my CustomChars.ini if i use mutch Carachters and
add some spezial strings and so..
Can not any one make a Defragmenter for CustomChars.ini to deframenting and
clean running readout the Carackters for the Game..

i have a AMD64X 4core, 8Gig Workspace with an 8600GTNvidia 500MB
so i have enoug power to let run the Game, but if i adding a new carackter,
so it is possibility to become hangings on my UT3 and so.. then i mus delete
the CustomChars.ini and let run fresh so it is all okey and it is creating a
new CustomChars.ini .. but the changes and adding where i had make be gone... :\
easily "grate" thing :\

there for a suggestion/idea a CustomChars.ini defragmenter and ma by an CustomChars-Adder
an Programm who defragmenting CustomChars.ini to make it readable and check some mistakes
on it to make it okey and can take a CustomChars.zip and add it to him self game to have a
easy posssibility to adding Custom Carackters as "normal User"
let handle all Carackters via extern Model-Manager+defragment CustomChars.ini
and get a possibility to add diffrent lines in CustomChars.ini and make possibility to add on "user.ini" or so..
diffrent Key Switches for spezialy Carackters....
like Fly, bigjump and some spezialy things for spezialy Models

May by creating a Model-Manager for outside of UT3 who not need to start UT3
for managing the Models.
(adding, handeling and deleting the Custom Moddels)
+ defragment the CustomChars.ini if need to clean run and readout in ut3.

I have now 4 Gigabytes compressed moddels now
A like Aion-Female
Z like Zombi + zombihad

and dont forget the Betamodels !
Where i shold change agains newer and better Moddels..

if i whant take all there Models to see the other one
need a CustomChars.ini-defragmenter and Moddel-Manager now to have
silence a good running CustomChars.ini ... and at last a good running
Moddelmanagment in UT3 for silence good reading out and using it without hangings...in Ut3

Can any one make a UT3ModelManager ? ... pleease

best regards