Hy Peoples

1. sorry for my english if i write somesing wrong or so..

Any makes and starts now with Peoples from Movis, other Games and so on.. very cool !!

but have you think about, if running an raptor like ut2004 in the level around, crying like them and all hear it.. uuaahhh..

or a tiger... sabertooth , panter, with weapons on hers back or side
take a look on UT99 Skining there gets Spiders as Playerskins.. uahhh but very funny !!
Or other specialy Animalcarackters who had think about the Queen from UT99 ( i know te Aliens be in beta i use it too:] *jump*)
(realy, take/installing UT99 CD again, take the Mod "monsterhunt" and take a look on Pizzi's stronger Monsterhunt on Killerbees Monsterhunt servers
(Portal http://www.online-multigaming.com "Killerbee's Stronger Monster Playground" it is Pizzi's Sponsored Server
but warning, you mus download very mutch files !! *lol* but all shold be redireckted but it is one not redireckted, s
reconnect by the next file)
He, Pizzi have growed up this server with mutch mutch heart !! there be the old monsters from U1 too

For Leveldesign :
Or take Stonetitans new modeling for UT3 as real Carackters and not so Comiclike like was in UT99... the GasBags or Birds..
but all flying can make a AI for a little beter creating leveldesighns fish's for whater.. nowere i see fish's but in UT99 be
fish's in the whater ad it is a very nice and very good for loosening up the entire level ...

if i not play ad only look arount in the level so it is very grate but no Birds in the air and no fishes in the whater...
who can shoot them up .. walk around and there is a cockroach in the corner where you could crush ....
easyly for fun and not making points

nowere be any animals who get a little live in the level only trist ad cold .. okey, the Weatherai t is cool, wery nice to make Maps with a nice sky but... humm.. any Birds.. no... snakes who can bite you.. okey, this is a Suggestion for Mapcreators.. on my next idea..
but we be on Animals as skins and not Hmanlike, no, real animals..

Or think on Sheeps, jes sheeps with Rockets *lol* or other Animals..

this shold be enoug for the start to creating "Fighting Animals" for UT3 if anyone whant

Best regards