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Thread: The Fallen [Short film with UDK]

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    The Fallen [Short film with UDK]

    I wanted to share with you guys my very first small project with UDK

    The purpose for this project was mainly to learn the basis of matineee and kismet, and to be able to create something without any new custom assets by tweaking and breaking all the bundled ones.

    I hope you enjoy it!

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    Very nice I liked it a lot! Great use of matinee. I felt the dropped object should have bounced up a little bit, to make it look like a hard impact.

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    Private Tux

    Nice one, more like the Demo Guy one.

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    Thanks for your feedback guys

    I thought about bouncing the armor... but since it´s a really slow and short motion, I thought it might look a bit weird... but yeah.. I should have figured how to solve it.

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    nice one i like it

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    Okay its decent matinee, not the best, but considering you used stock assets there's really not many degrees of freedom. But I don't understand the narrative that it seems your trying to weave together with these montages. So, let me try here (calling that pensive guy holding that object the protagonist):
    It starts out with a pensive protagonist sitting in front of a building (0:07-0:30)
    Two units infiltrate the compound (0:32-0:34)
    The two units approach the same building the protagonist was sitting in front off (the audience learns that the protagonist and the antagonist occupy the same space now, but are not yet sure if time differences are at play here) (0:44-0:47)
    The protagonist stands up (0:59) but why?
    The infiltrators throw a grenade at some units (1:02). Are those units on the same side as the protagonist?
    (1:06-1:19) What is the protagonist doing? It seems he is the guardian of the building ie defending it but despite missing the infiltrators (which at this point seems to be occurring in a different time frame) he senses danger and so feels the need to stand up and position himself atop the stairs?

    I really don't understand the relationship between any of these characters. Cool matinee, but the narrative here is downright confusing.

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    Max Power
    While I don't understand it, I feel you've achieved your goals of learning matinee and kismet. For a first project, it's pretty nice and well put together.

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    Thanks for your feedback I believe what you didn´t understand is that one of the infiltrators is the protagonist, who is holding his fallen mate´s armour. He is just remembering what just happened.

    I wanted to override the color of the infiltration sequences, to enphaseze the flashback feeling... but I couldnt get it work so... too bad on my side. If you have another look to the vidoe, you´ll see it has more sense now

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    I liked it and had no problems understanding what was going on . Also good choice of music helps set the melancholy mood of .... well the protagonists feelings.

    Perhaps if u had the memories take place during the day and the lonely survivor thinking back at night, it may have made it easier for some folks like Gakushya here to follow along. or something...

    Anyway I liked it man make another !

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    I´m already thinking about my next small project... this time i´m gonna work with another 3D artist... With custom assets

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