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Thread: News From Epic Games - May 2012 UDK Beta Released

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    News From Epic Games - May 2012 UDK Beta Released

    Epic Games Releases May 2012 Unreal Development Kit Beta

    Epic Games, Inc. has released the May 2012 Unreal Development Kit Beta, the latest version of the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides access to the award-winning 3D game engine and professional toolset used in blockbuster videogame development, architectural visualization, mobile game development, 3D rendering, digital films and more. The latest UDK beta is available now at
    RealD Integration

    RealD, a leading global licensor of 3D technologies, incorporates its best-of-breed stereoscopic 3D gaming solutions into theUnreal Engine. The RealD Gaming Toolkit will allow for PC and console games to be rendered in stereo 3D and brings developers features such as depth budget allocation (DBA) and AutoCAM. Check out the full press release and download the SOL: Exodus demo showcasing the 3D implementation.

    UDK Showcase: Antichamber

    Antichamber is a psychological exploration game that took one look at reality, shook its head, and then decided to rewrite everything. Set within a world whose rules resemble those of an M.C. Escher painting, this game will mess with your head and make you question everything you think you know about how games are supposed to work. Sound mind-bending? It is.
    We have showcases of some of the most outstanding video game, architectural visualization, and mobile apps using UDK and Also be sure to check out the Works in Progress and theReleased Projects forums.Make Something Unreal Live at the Gadget Show Live 2012 overview

    • The Commando Kiwi team took top honors in the Make Something Unreal Live competition during the Gadget Show Live 2012. Click here for the full story.

    May 2012 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

    New Features and Functionality

    • RealD Integration
      • Incorporates best-of-breed stereoscopic 3D gaming technology in the Unreal Engine which allows for PC and console games to be rendered in stereo 3D
      • 3D experience improved by allowing management of camera separation and 3D depth effects in real time
      • Depth Budget Allocation and AutoCAM available with the RealD Game Developer Toolkit
      • Free demo showcasing the implementation available at

    • Advanced Environment Color
      • A simplified directional environment light where the environment color depends on direction
      • It is blended between 2 values: ‘environment color’ and ‘environment sun color’
      • For example, the side of the sky with the sun could have a slightly warmer and brighter hue compared to the opposite side

    • Mobile Shader Key Tool
      • Translates mobile shader keys into a human readable form
      • Shader keys specify the configuration of a particular shader that is used in the game
      • The bits in these keys used to be counted ‘by hand’ which involved counting the position and looking up the source code, this is no longer necessary
      • Non-default key bits are highlighted in bold

    • Unreal Editor
      • DrawScale is now applied correctly in editor to BSPs
      • “Ok to All” will now work when move/renaming several sound files in the content browser
      • Problems with coverslot selection and dragging are now fixed
      • Warning dialogs now launch when reimporting an asset that is older than the one currently loaded
      • Fixed a crash that occurred in the AnimSet Editor when removing Material slot [0] from a skeletal mesh that has more than one slot
      • Wireframe edges now render when importing a brush

    • Matinee
      • Matinee keyframe selection now happens on mouse release, not press
      • Cameras imported into Matinee from FBX files work properly now

    • Mobile
      • New Scaleform HUD for Unreal Tournament maps is now used on mobile devices too
      • Fixed crash if mobile emulation mode is enabled when non-mobile features are used in a map (e.g. landscape and morph targets), default material will render instead
      • Mesh particle stat tracking now works properly on mobile
      • Config option ShouldTrackFPSWhenNonInteractive added to allow fps charts to be generated for non-interactive scenes. False by default in Engine. True for UDKGame

    • Texture Paint
      • The Texture properties window will now update the texture after committing in texture paint mode
      • Added an error in the Mesh Paint Window when the Undo Buffer has exceeded its maximum memory
      • Textures in the window will also say how many possible Undo actions are available
      • Fixed banding issues
      • Fixed the slowdown during undo/redo

    New and Updated UDN Pages

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    Commando Kiwi, GO US!

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    Thanks!!! : D

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    I just installed this new beta, looks like a nice update but :
    -The color picker is still not fixed. :\
    -I get a lot of micro-lag when I move in every map (DM-Deck or even the Example map) in the Editor and the PIE.

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    This maybe a dumb question, but, does this RealD 3D Stuff require 120hz monitor? Does it require head tracking etc? Is it Red/Cyan stuff?

    Apparently there are no UDN pages for it, their website doesn't tell it and SOL doesn't have any news about it (other than a Red/Cyan youtube video).

    Anyone has any more info on this?

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    It probably offers options for both Anaglyph (red/cyan) and other standard 3D methods (probably side-by-side)

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    Did they fix the Mobile AA issue? The issue was that it stopped working.

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    Any love for my Beloved MSUL winning team?

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    I'm wondering, does the RealD 3D stuff work like in the cinemas? With these cheap plastic glasses? And does it work on a 60Hz Screen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HavocInferno View Post
    I'm wondering, does the RealD 3D stuff work like in the cinemas? With these cheap plastic glasses? And does it work on a 60Hz Screen?
    Probably not, on both.

    Most 3D monitors don't use the technology like theaters use (the polarized glasses). Instead they use active shutter glasses, which require a 120hz display.

    Since this isn't using Nvidia 3D vision or the AMD 3D solution I'm not sure if it can output frame-sequential 3D (I'll have to test it when I get home).

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