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Thread: Rotation of emitter and particles.

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    Rotation of emitter and particles.

    Hi all. I am curious how do you make the particles an emitter creates follow said emitter, but ignore its rotation? I have solved the follow problem by telling the emitter to use local space, but then the particles rotate together with emitter, which looks ugly.

    We have kind of "energy orbs" which have to follow character, but I want avoid them rotating around Z axis together with the character as it looks ugly, they should follow their own paths and be unaffected by characters rotation. We are attaching the emitter to a socket on the mesh, so either we make the emitter ignore character rotation or the particles ignore the emitters rotation. Any suggestions, please?

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    Anyone? Maybe this is better suited for programming forum as I do attach the emitter through unrealscript..

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    If you can provide a screenshot i can probably help you. But from what you have said, I think you would want to use a lock orientation.

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