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Thread: Basic Rig Question(biped and bone connection)

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    Question Basic Rig Question(biped and bone connection)

    Hello. Guys.

    I downloaded UT3_Male from, and Biped rig(bip_root) is included with some of the skeletons(b_root), but it makes me really confused. In the file, bones are attached or linked to biped somehow, but I have no idea how to make a rig like this. It looks like there's no Skin modifier on b_root(bone), and I don't think it's connected with link constraints either.

    So how are bones and biped connected together in this file? any ideas?


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    afaik the b_bones are constrained to the bip_bones, think mainly orintation and position but its been a while since i looked

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    It's probably just a simple attachment constraint

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    It's orientation constrained to the biped bones.. I'm not 100% sure why they do this but two reasons why I do it is that:

    You can animate the biped instead of the rig. This applies for saved .bip data and you can also plot motion capture data.

    You can put the biped into figure mode and scale which works(ish)

    Hope that helps..

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