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Thread: (pics inside) Animation flips skeletal mesh on wrong axis

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    (pics inside) Animation flips skeletal mesh on wrong axis

    Hello please give me some advise on this issue ive been stuck on it for a week now. I import my skeletal mesh, animations. Create a custom animation set combining all 7 animations to one set. Create my animation tree and it all works proper.

    The issue i am having which i think its coming from not export/import from 3ds max 2012 with the right settings, is when a animation is applied or played in the previewer it flips my character from standing up right, to laying on his back. I have tried to check the root bone location to make sure its being exported at 0,0,0 but i see no location setting inside 3ds max. Please any help is much appreciated, this is the only thing holding me back...Thank You


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    when you export via fbx make sure you tick the box Z axis is up

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    Thank you for the reply. I have tried both the z and y option on exporting from 3ds max none have helped. The animation was done in maya which i believe y axis is the height and when bringing into max it is z which has conflicting issues. Are there any options to set the height axis in udk to y? because exporting as z axis hasnt helped. please look at these new images in the file property is shows the file direction and system direction of the axis as different. exported as z and y still flips the mesh. thanks so much!

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    Did you set Z up for all of the animation files as well as the character mesh file? The axis orientation is definitely your problem. And no, the axis for UDK is fixed as far as I know.

    I use Maya and for every FBX file I export, skeletal mesh or animation files, I always have Z-up set in the FBX export settings. Double check all of your files to make sure.

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    Ohhhh... Maya. I know exactly what you're talking about. Before, ActorX had Assume Maya Coordinates option which is not available on FBX anymore so its screwy for us Maya users. Checking Z up on FBX export option does nothing as you said. Only workaround I found is to actually switch Maya's axis to Z up just before exporting. If going through preference all the time is annoying, there's MEL command you can use.

    upAxis -ax z

    I create shelf button for that and another one for changing it back to Y up.

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    well i changed it through preferences and settings to the z axis and export it. Now in 3ds max file properties say it has z-up in direction of file and system so that is good. I still am guessing the skeletal mesh itself is stuck on the y axis because in maya when i show the axis it is on y even though the viewport is on z.

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    Thanks Taz, the Mel script gives me a warning that the z axis is already up. I also reset it to y axis then used the mel script to convert it to z. Still no luck.

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    If you do it from preference, it flips your model. It has different effect than doing it with command. Problem may be that you changed it in preference and then with mel? Go back to original scene that is Y up. Use the mel to change to Z up. Export. Import into Max or UDK.

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    I truly think it has to be re-rigged and animated. I have exhausted all options here. FML

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    Err, I was under the impression you left your axis as native to the program -> Z up for Max, Y up for Maya, then on import FBX UDK will figure it out. Actually that's also recommended going from Max>Maya>Max - let FBX handle it, as far as 2013 is concerned, perhaps it is slightly different in 2012, but I doubt it, I had no such problems going 2012 MAX>Maya>UDK (but unit scale will bite you if you are unwary).
    You should be able to figure out the location of the root bone in Max by selecting it, activate transform tool but don't move it - should show position in XYZ channels. Might want to do that at frame 0 with no animation on it.
    The animaton came from Maya, you say, so what are you doing in Max? I do not understand your pipeline.

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