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Thread: UDK Stylised Village

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    UDK Stylised Village

    My first proper level made in UDK.

    This is just a small project, to make a whole level in UDK with all custom asset, just wanted to know what people think so far . Still need to vary the scene a bit and add some more varied models.

    Here is a small video showing off the level In game .

    Another video with be posted soon , still deciding what characters are going to be created for this.

    Not Sure what I am going to do with this level yet

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    Here are the assets a little closer up and the tree variations that I created.

    Another small shot of the level

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    Private Tux


    Wonderful, simplifying and very artistic. Love the atmosphere, environmental meshes/details and the village is so nice! I'd say more than that. =)

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    Really nice so far

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    Great start! Technical/art feedback: some obviously tiling textures, fire emitter needs work, obvious mirroring in skydome texture. Concept feedback: If you're scratching your head as to where to go with the level as yourself who these villagers are, what do they do? are they a fishing culture? do they worship something? why are their braziers lit during the day? etc. What would really go a long way for you here is setting up some nice matinee cameras instead of the fly cam/player movement jerky captures we're seeing. I know it's WIP but that's my two cents, keep up the good work! :-)

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    yeah I agree with all those statements , not sure why I lit the braziers in daylight . The reason that some of stuff in the scene seems a bit rough is its my first attempt at creating a whole level in udk . Yeah the fire emitter is just a plane with an animated texture which isn't the best method , Never really used matinee etc but ill give it some research and attempt to get a camera sorted.

    Yeah in regard to the people living there you have given me a lot to think about Cheers

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    Thought about making some Dwarfs for this so I have started on one guy who is going to be a miner or something like that not sure yet . Here is a picture of how far I am so far with it .Suggestions on improvements would be greatly appreciated .

    There are obvious areas that need improving such as the hands but comments on what clothing or accessories that could be added would be amazing,This is still earlier work so far only started this character today.



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    Thats nice, but the dwarf seems to have a mild case of hard on

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    Yeah I think ill Change that bit lol , Here is a Mountain/rock that I have sculpted so far to add to the level .

    Thinking about making a small mine off the village.

    Here is a little update on the dwarf still needs work though

    Going to fix the eye as well because its a really odd large shape

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    You might be having some gamma issues with your textures (i.e. the grass in the background and the character textures do not seem to be sharing the same gamma-space).

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